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Smigies Nature Trail

Smigies Nature Trail starts at the Smigies picnic site which is 2.5km away from the village of Neo Chorio. The short route is about 2.5km and the long route is 6km with the estimated duration of the walk ranging between 1-2 hours. The trail offers beautiful views of the coastline of Akamas peninsula, Lara Bay, Chrysochous bay, Latchi, Polis, Pachyammos and Paphos forest. The longer route runs past the old mines, the magnesium facilities and through a dense section of the Akamas forest. The Smigies trail connects with the Adonis trail at Kefalovrisia. After you finish your walk sit down and enjoy your lunch at the lovely picnic site of Smigies.

Latchi Watersports Centre opened in 1980 with a couple of windsurfers and has now become one of the best water sports and dive centres in Cyprus.  The focal point of operations is the fishing port of Latchi. They also operate in two other beachfront locations (mainly scuba, water sports) in La Plage and Anassa Beach.

The company has 28 rental boats at your disposal and the services offered range from boat hire, luxury yacht charter, scuba diving, RYA courses for dinghy and catamaran sailing, courses for powerboat licenses, boat sales and marine services. You can have heaps of fun at the Latchi Watersports Centre with activities that include Jet Ski, water-skiing, snorkelling, wakeboarding, canoeing, parasailing, tube and banana rides. The personnel is friendly, well trained and always act in a professional manner. The service is impeccable and at Latchi Watersports Centre safety is their top priority. It is great for families looking to do something different and fun. All you have to do is simply go there and have lots and lots of fun.

Latchi harbour is a small port that lies in the small village of Latchi and is just 2km away from Polis Town. It operates as the docking station for local fishermen that provide the nearby restaurants with fresh fish. At Latchi harbour you can also find many shops that provide marine services like water sports, scuba diving, boat tours, boat hire and yacht charter. You can visit the restaurants on the promenade for some amazing fish meze while enjoying the wonderful view from this small picturesque marina.

Adonis Baths and Waterfalls are located 2km from Kili village and 12km from Paphos town. They can be reached via Tala village or the Akoursos road. Legend says that this was where Adonis, the Greek mythological god used to hunt. This is also where Adonis died, after being killed by a man disguised as a wild boar. Adonis died in the hands of Aphrodite.

Adonis Baths is a wonderful attraction and a paradise of luscious green. It gives you the opportunity to experience this lovely exotic hideaway made up of breathtaking waterfalls. Feel free to bathe within the “Two Level Waterfalls.” On top of the falls there is an amphitheatre that offers spectacular views of the mountains. There is food on site and whilst there you can also visit the Traditional House of Adonis, the Traditional Watermill and the ladies can enjoy a rejuvenating mud therapy.

Neo Chorio (meaning New Village) is a traditional village found in Paphos District. Neo Chorio is a 5 minute drive from Latchi and 10 minutes away from Polis Town. It is closely related with Akamas, Latchi and the nearby amazing beaches including two blue flag awarded ones. It is a great place to discover the old traditions of Cyprus and admire the architecture of the stone built houses and ancient churches.

The church of Saint Minas is located in the centre of the village and was completed in 1912. It is the main church of the village while close by is a chapel dedicated to Saint George that was built towards the end of the 17th century. At the centre you can also find the Neo Chorio water fountain which was built in 1926. The tap is supplied with water by the Kefalovrisos spring of the village. The chapel of Saint Minas goes back to the 16th century and it is a small chapel situated west of the village.  Lastly, the chapel of Saint Ephraim is situated on a rising at the entrance of the village and from there you can enjoy the unique panoramic view of the whole area.

The Baths of Aphrodite are located in the Akamas peninsula near Latchi Village. The famed site combines legend with natural beauty. It is a famous mythological site whereby Aphrodite used to bathe in the pond of the natural cave. It is the location where the handsome Adonis first saw Aphrodite when he was hunting, having stopped for a drink to quench his thirst. Myth says that if you bathe in the water you will be granted eternal youth or you will fall in love with the next person you see.

There is a free car park and the entry is free. The small pool and dripping waterfall is located a few hundred yards up the hill near the parking area of Akamas National Park. The paths that lead to Aphrodite’s Baths are well maintained and you’ll pass through a botanic garden covered with wildflowers. It is an enjoyable and educational visit that you can enrich with the help of a guided tour.

Visiting the Akamas Peninsula is a must when holidaying in Cyprus. It is an amazing, unspoilt area and a protected National Park. Here you can appreciate the sheer virgin beauty of nature, the flora and fauna, local wildlife and the sea life. Akamas is a natural green-covered area that overflows with trees, birds and animals including reptiles to goats and donkeys.

There are two ways to reach Akamas. You can reach Akamas from Polis or from the village of Agios Georgios. The terrain is rough and bumpy, so it is preferable to explore the area using a four-wheel drive vehicle to experience as much as you can although many opt for quad bikes. Exploring Akamas is a wonderful experience and a memorable road trip whereby you can simply go off road and enjoy the countless lovely spots of the area. You also have the option of booking a tour with a designated driver/guide that will pick you up and show you the most popular attractions of the peninsula. The tour starts in the morning and ends late in the afternoon.

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