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Adonis Baths and Waterfalls

Adonis Baths and Waterfalls are located 2km from Kili village and 12km from Paphos town. They can be reached via Tala village or the Akoursos road. Legend says that this was where Adonis, the Greek mythological god used to hunt. This is also where Adonis died, after being killed by a man disguised as a wild boar. Adonis died in the hands of Aphrodite.

Adonis Baths is a wonderful attraction and a paradise of luscious green. It gives you the opportunity to experience this lovely exotic hideaway made up of breathtaking waterfalls. Feel free to bathe within the “Two Level Waterfalls.” On top of the falls there is an amphitheatre that offers spectacular views of the mountains. There is food on site and whilst there you can also visit the Traditional House of Adonis, the Traditional Watermill and the ladies can enjoy a rejuvenating mud therapy.

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