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Akamas Peninsula

Visiting the Akamas Peninsula is a must when holidaying in Cyprus. It is an amazing, unspoilt area and a protected National Park. Here you can appreciate the sheer virgin beauty of nature, the flora and fauna, local wildlife and the sea life. Akamas is a natural green-covered area that overflows with trees, birds and animals including reptiles to goats and donkeys.

There are two ways to reach Akamas. You can reach Akamas from Polis or from the village of Agios Georgios. The terrain is rough and bumpy, so it is preferable to explore the area using a four-wheel drive vehicle to experience as much as you can although many opt for quad bikes. Exploring Akamas is a wonderful experience and a memorable road trip whereby you can simply go off road and enjoy the countless lovely spots of the area. You also have the option of booking a tour with a designated driver/guide that will pick you up and show you the most popular attractions of the peninsula. The tour starts in the morning and ends late in the afternoon.

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