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Baths of Aphrodite

The Baths of Aphrodite are located in the Akamas peninsula near Latchi Village. The famed site combines legend with natural beauty. It is a famous mythological site whereby Aphrodite used to bathe in the pond of the natural cave. It is the location where the handsome Adonis first saw Aphrodite when he was hunting, having stopped for a drink to quench his thirst. Myth says that if you bathe in the water you will be granted eternal youth or you will fall in love with the next person you see.

There is a free car park and the entry is free. The small pool and dripping waterfall is located a few hundred yards up the hill near the parking area of Akamas National Park. The paths that lead to Aphrodite’s Baths are well maintained and you’ll pass through a botanic garden covered with wildflowers. It is an enjoyable and educational visit that you can enrich with the help of a guided tour.

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