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Neo Chorio

Neo Chorio (meaning New Village) is a traditional village found in Paphos District. Neo Chorio is a 5 minute drive from Latchi and 10 minutes away from Polis Town. It is closely related with Akamas, Latchi and the nearby amazing beaches including two blue flag awarded ones. It is a great place to discover the old traditions of Cyprus and admire the architecture of the stone built houses and ancient churches.

The church of Saint Minas is located in the centre of the village and was completed in 1912. It is the main church of the village while close by is a chapel dedicated to Saint George that was built towards the end of the 17th century. At the centre you can also find the Neo Chorio water fountain which was built in 1926. The tap is supplied with water by the Kefalovrisos spring of the village. The chapel of Saint Minas goes back to the 16th century and it is a small chapel situated west of the village.  Lastly, the chapel of Saint Ephraim is situated on a rising at the entrance of the village and from there you can enjoy the unique panoramic view of the whole area.

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